cover-3d-white-1It is 2001 and Capsella-Biotech, a genetic research firm operating in Berlin and New Jersey, has joined the international race to complete the first ever map of the human genome. Controlled by a disturbed Afghan war veteran Dr Alexander Grishin, the firm’s unique research technology puts it ahead of the race.

Ambitious financier Guy Shepherd is hired to invest in Capsella-Biotech, but he uncovers something sinister. He takes dangerous risks to prevent suspected abuse of genetic engineering, and rouses the anger of his boss as well as the brutal ministrations of the unstable Dr Grishin.

When Guy’s girlfriend goes missing in New York following the 9/11 attacks, can he discover her fate, settle his differences with her father and work out a plan to prevent wholesale catastrophe?

Can crisis be averted when a person with a conscience stands up to corporate greed?

This powerful tale of science, high finance and greed is full of twists and turns, including a jaw-dropping psychic element and an ominous sense of ‘what if?’

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